We are a professional recording facility with 2 sound proof recording and mixing rooms and over 35 years music industry experience.

Commencing in 1995 , Song Surgery quickly expanded to a new facility on Level 3 of the World famous EMI 301 Castlereagh St building, Song Surgery has not only out lasted every boutique recording facility at the 301 building, including the now departed Studios 301 on Level 7, but expanded even further with a new facility on the southern beaches of Sydney.

We are an award winning team comprised of songwriters, musicians, engineers, record producers and educators.
Studio owner Vic Ricigliano is a Master Logic Pro User and an Apple Certified Logic Pro Master Trainer.
Vic is also a highly experienced composer and educator currently teaching the “Electronic Music Composition” Diploma level class at the Northern Sydney Institute for Film & TV, as well as his very popular one on one Logic Pro courses from Beginner to Highly Advanced levels.
Since 1995, Song Surgery has provided the facilities, knowledge and experience  required to take a simple melody, beat or riff and turn it into a well crafted and pristinely recorded commercially acceptable song.

All budgets are catered for so if you are a singer, songwriter, composer, or even just a music enthusiast, let Vic at Song Surgery add a professional sonic quality to your song ideas.

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